A clean, de-cluttered home always photographs better!

If your client's home is occupied, we STRONGLY suggest giving our simple, pre-shoot checklist to the occupants to help them get the home ready for its shoot. We suggest either printing a copy for them, or e-mailing a copy at least three days prior to the shoot. Some of our clients even put a copy in their listing presentation! If you'd like to do that, that is fine by us!

Please note we are NOT stagers - we will not be able to stage your property for you. We are not allowed to lift anything more than 10 lbs. for insurance purposes. Please make sure your clients are ready to go by the photo shoot - think of it as your first showing! You wouldn't ask potential buyers to clean up the home for you, would you? ... Please do not ask us to spend valuable shoot time on trying to clean it up instead of taking gorgeous photos for you.

Clicking the link below will open the PDF file in a new window, and start to download automatically.
If it does not download automatically, right-click the file to Save-As.

REGULAR Pre-Shoot Checklist