Aerials by Expertise Photography

A Stand-Alone Service

Our team of Drone Pilots are FAA Certified!

Yes, we are insured!

Special Price:  $145 for 8 still photos

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• Aerials are WEATHER and WIND-DEPENDENT. This means we cannot provide you the exact date/time we will be out to shoot your aerials until the day of, or the day before.

• We will, however, give you an estimate of what day we will shoot your aerials, along with a time window (ex. between 11am-2pm).

• We will text you the day before or the morning of your aerial shoot to confirm the property is ready.

• We urge you & your clients to prep the exterior of the property as best you can ahead of the shoot - put trash cans away, no vehicles in drive, no piles of trash/furniture at the curb, and so on.



• An automated Delivery E-mail will be sent to your provided e-mail address when the files are in your project & ready for download

• Digital download within the project in your account

• Finished files:  EIGHT high-quality aerial photos in Flex-MLS optimized finished size [2100x1400 pixels @ 150dpi]

• Files are accessible for duration of One Year - See our Usage Policy for full details.

Questions? Call/text us at 321-222-3810