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Our Drone Pilot is FAA certified
& We are Insured!

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A Stand-Alone Service

Special Price:  $135.00 for 8 still photos

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& Turn-around

• Schedule by 5 p.m. Mondays to receive your photos by Friday end of day (of the same week).

• The timing of the shoot is WEATHER & WIND DEPENDENT. So, when you book your aerial shoot, we're sorry but we cannot provide an exact time when we will be on-site.

• We urge you & your clients to prep the exterior of the home as best you can ahead of time (trash cans put away, no vehicles in the driveway, et cetera).


• Our Patented Processing is included

Finished Photos

• EIGHT High-Quality Aerial Photos

FlexMLS-Optimized 1800x1200 Finished Size

Digital Delivery

• Digital Delivery

• Password Protected Files

• Files Accessible for Duration of One Year
*See Usage Policy for details