Expertise Photography | 3D Matterport Scans

Step up your listing game! 
Matterport is the ULTIMATE listing tool.


*July 2018 SPECIALS!

$150 - Matterport 3D Scan up to 2,500SF
$200 - Matterport 3D Scan up to 3,500SF
$275 - Matterport 3D Scan up to 4,500SF
$325 - Matterport 3D Scan up to 5,500SF

Valid NOW THROUGH July 31
, 2018!

*Special applies to residential properties only. June pricing available provided there are no pets and no occupants in the home at the time of the scan. Listing agent is welcome.

*We are happy to do Matterport Scans at our regular price of $.10 per square foot if occupants &/or pets are in the home and prefer to remain in the home while we work.


$25 Floor Plan - downloadable via Photos/Video tab on project

$50 for 20 Mattersnap interiors AND 5 Sony Exteriors
(Mattersnaps are image-captures from the scan itself. The files can be uploaded to Flex as photos as well as the 5 exterior photos shot on a Sony camera by our Matterport Expert.)

$50 Highlight Reel Video uploaded to our YouTube Channel
Highlights of the Matterport scan in video form!
Hosted on our YouTube account.
You can input the Highlight Reel Video as a virtual tour or video on your Flex listing + use in your marketing!

Over 5,500SF -  Please contact us for your quote.
Regularly priced at 10¢ per square foot (under air)

Please note that our regular still photos, and aerial photos are always sold separately.
All regular photo shoot info is available under the Packages & Pricing tab above.


Questions? Call or text us:  321-222-3810
Click to Download our Matterport Pre-Shoot Checklist

Sample 1: 3751 Turtle Mound Road

Why Matterport?

"It's our closer." - The Altman Brothers

Sample 2: 260 Hammock Shore Drive

 Please e-mail us if you'd like to see more samples! We have too many to list!

~ Additional Details ~

Scan Duration

• Approximately 60 minutes per 1,500SF; total duration depends on home size

Digital Delivery

• We deliver an MLS-friendly version of the scan via e-mail; it will also appear on your single property website.